PROPENSITY4 Ashfield Engage Partnership

PROPENSITY4 Ashfield Engage Partnership

July 14, 2021

At PROPENSITY4, we have been an emerging leader in the Healthcare Insights & Analytics arena for over ten years.  Today, we are excited to announce the next chapter – a formal partnership with Ashfield Engage, an engagement and commercialization consulting team that is part of the UDG family of companies.  Together, this partnership enables both of our companies to provide an even stronger approach to optimized multi-channel plans, based on smart data intelligence.

“In working with PROPENSITY4,” says Ashfield Engage’s Greg Flynn, Global & US President, “we are elevating our engagement models by strategically quantifying the approach and channels to deliver the best customer experience, while optimizing ROI for our clients. Not only can we execute programs, but we can now offer more value by identifying the drivers of successful, targeted execution through the highly impactful work of PROPENSITY4.”

At PROPENSITY4, we are excited that we can help power the commercial opportunities of our clients by applying our smart data insights to comprehensive commercial excellence recommendations.  “We are excited to formally partner with Ashfield Engage to layer in the advanced analytics complementing their service offerings,” states Sese Abhulimen, Managing Director. “In working with Ashfield Engage over the past few years, we have seen that it already has the right people, channels and technology in place to serve its clients. This integration of evidence-driven insights and strategies with their dedication to delivering rich experiential, omnichannel solutions is a perfect synergy.”

“Ultimately, we want to use this strategic partnership with PROPENSITY4 to offer our clients the ability to give customers a great experience from beginning to end – an experience fueled by data and insights,” remarked Jason Erickson with Ashfield Engage. “With PROPENSITY4 on our team, we are able to not only provide the insights and strategy to set up successful programs, but we are then able to provide continual feedback to constantly improve.”

From “beginning to end,” that sounds like putting smart data to work for us. Curious to learn more? Reach out!

For more information about Ashfield Engage, go to AshfieldEngage.

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  1. Sese Abhulimen says:

    I am excited to announce our re-launch from Strategik Insight Global to Propensity4. This relaunch highlights our 4 core areas of services across Customer, Performance, Promotion and Relationship insights, and sets the vision for what’s ahead.