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Anti-Migraine Retargeting

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The Challenge

A small Life Sciences organization had an established product in the Oral CGRP market focused on acute treatment of migraines.

Fifteen months post launch, the brand received an additional indication for the preventative treatment of episodic migraines.

Our Approach and Solution

  • Ahead of launch for the acute indication, Propensity4 leveraged market research to understand the attitudes of the HCP population.
  • We then correlated attitudes and behaviors demonstrated in claims data to develop a scoring mechanism across the HCP universe and developed targeting for 585 reps to accelerate adoption in acute patients.
  • Ahead of the preventative launch, Propensity4 applied our scoring mechanism to identify previously non-targeted HCPs with preventative patients.
  • At launch, PROPENSITY4 issued new targeting for the existing and a new preventative indication sales team.

The Results

PROPENSITY4 was able to deliver a final targeting scheme in 8 weeks, marrying primary and secondary data to create an informed targeting approach.

The brand was able to deliver 4x the forecast across both indications in a highly genericized market.