Customer Optimizer

PROPENSITY4’s Customer Optimizer offering provides strategic insights on how customers engage with products in the market.  That way, we can better help our clients define, or re-define, the core opportunity customer base for their brand or brand portfolio.

Sample Customer Optimizer Business Questions

  • Who is the material customer and what is the appropriate business strategy to maximize the opportunity?
  • How are customers engaging with products and what are the influence factors to customer buying process?
  • How many unique customer segments exist and what attributes differentiate them?
  • What is the potential value of the customer segments and their associated acquisition/retention cost?

Sample Deliverables

  1. Customer Buying and Engagement Model
  2. Market Basket Segments
  3. Source of Business Opportunity
  4. Customer Segmentation
  5. Message Segmentation Approach
  6. Geotargeting Resource Allocation

What it is Not

There are probably preferred vendors that support traditional standalone treatment algorithm, segmentation, alignment projects for your business. However, in preparing for these types of work, what is most critical is having the most insightful inputs relative to the business opportunity and strategy?  Those target lists can only be as good as the data strategy and insights behind them.  That’s where we fit-in….  Let us power your data, smartly. We recommend you start with an intelligent insight platform.

Curious about how to integrate the two? Reach out. We’d love to discuss your next project.

Not ready? View our Relationship Optimizer.