Performance Optimizer

PROPENSITY4’s Performance Optimizer offering helps brands and portfolios evaluate their performance in a more complete, more useful manner.  In today’s day in age, it’s easy to get access to myriad data sources.  However, the challenge is in determining what is the best data to source, how to triangulate among several sources, and how to glean insights that might enable actions that could change the trajectory.  We’re your partners to take the complexity and burden out of performance data analysis, so your focus can be on the strategies and activities that will impact that performance.

Sample Performance Optimizer Business Questions

  1. What is the best way to measure performance for my product?
  2. How can I triangulate true performance from multiple data sources?
  3. What performance metrics do I need to influence to grow my brand?
  4. What is my products Most Probable Forecast (MPF)?
  5. How do I pressure test my product MPF relative to market factors and customer behavior?

Sample Deliverables

  1. Business Performance Analysis Platforms
  2. Forecast Emulator Tool
  3. P&L and A&P Investment Recommendations
  4. Integrated Performance Tracking Database

What it's not

We don’t just provide raw script data.  We are conversant with the range of industry data sources and knowledgeable in business models and therefore experts at making performance analysis simpler and smarter.

Curious? Then reach out and make PROPENSITY4 your partner to uncover and drive your brand’s Performance.   Reach out. We’d love to discuss this with you.