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Our Engagement Optimizer can help you maximize your influence points with customers and create a tailored omnichannel contact plan

Maximizing Customer Influence Points.

At Propensity4, our Engagement Optimizer service helps clients maximize their influence points with customers by creating tailored omnichannel contact plans and investment blueprints. By optimizing the channel mix and key messages, we enable our clients to effectively engage with the right customers at the right time with the right message to drive the right outcomes for appropriate patients.

Our Engagement Optimizer is not a CRM platform or software, nor is it a selling model but rather it serves as a strategic blueprint for optimizing the interactions between the customer and the company to build a meaningful relationship using the most effective channels and messaging.

Determining Optimal Touchpoints

One of the key questions we address with our Engagement Optimizer is determining the right number of touchpoints and the right timing of those engagements to meet and exceed a customer’s specific needs. We analyze factors such as:

  • Customer segment
  • Engagement history
  • Customer Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Customer lifetime value

By understanding the unique needs and behaviors of each customer segment, we help clients determine the ideal frequency and type of touchpoints required to nurture relationships and drive engagement.

Deploying Effective Channels

Our Engagement Optimizer also helps clients determine the most effective channels to deploy for each customer segment. We consider factors such as:

  • Customer preferences and behaviors
  • Channel performance data
  • Cost and impact of each channel
  • Complementary channel strategies

By selecting the right mix of channels for each segment, we help clients maximize the impact of their engagement efforts and optimize their marketing spend.

Optimizing Customer Follow-up and Lead Generation.

In addition to determining the optimal touchpoints and channels, our Engagement Optimizer provides insights into how to best deploy customer follow-up and maximize lead generation. By optimizing customer follow-up and lead-generation strategies, we help clients accelerate impact and drive business performance.

We analyze factors such as:

Customer response rates

Conversion rates

Lead quality and value

Follow-up timing and frequency

Deliverables and Outcomes.

Our Engagement Optimizer provides clients with actionable insights and recommendations, delivered through a range of formats, such as:

  • Direct Response Customer Probability Scores
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Contact Plans
  • Go-to-Market Recommendations
  • E-Sample and Direct Mail Support Strategies
  • Customer Messaging Patient Propensity Modeling

By leveraging these insights, our clients can make data-driven decisions that improve their customer engagement, lead generation, and overall marketing effectiveness.

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