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Our approach.

Strategic partnerships designed around you.

At Propensity4, we offer a comprehensive approach to commercial readiness that integrates patient, physician, and payer strategic imperatives while building a smart data platform that increases in value over time.

Our approach provides vetted strategic decision support, evaluating market size, patient journey experience insights, targeting, and omnichannel engagement requirements.

Our unique approach.

Market Assessment.

As your partner in navigating the market, we help you maximize opportunities to extend your asset by addressing key questions. We analyze current and future market opportunities, investigate market structure and highlight buying points/processes, identify target patients, evaluate the competitor landscape, and assess market evolution given Lifecycle Management (LCM) efforts from your company and its competitors.

Our comprehensive market assessment ensures that you have a clear understanding of the market dynamics and are well-positioned to capitalize on the most promising opportunities.

Strategy Development.

In partnership with our clients, we identify strategic options and provide recommendations to optimize your commercialization efforts. Our team conducts comprehensive audience mapping from all angles, ensuring that you have a deep understanding of your target market. We help you determine the ideal size and structure of your engagement teams, optimize and prioritize your data research efforts, and evaluate stakeholder needs and interests.

Through landscape evaluation and evidence-based decision support insights, we provide you with the information and guidance needed to make informed strategic decisions that drive your product’s success.

Business Planning.

Our business planning services cover all stages of the product lifecycle, ensuring that your commercialization efforts are optimized and aligned with your strategic objectives. We provide performance-based tracking, channel impact analyses, and engagement mix optimization to accelerate Return on Investment from your engagement initiatives. Our team continually refines your plan to adapt to market changes and prospective evolution, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.

With frequent touch points and recommendations to optimize performance, such as resource deployment and spend mix, we help you make data-driven decisions that drive your product’s success throughout its lifecycle.

Performance Measurement.

We identify and measure KPIs to ensure your product reaches its full commercial potential. Our team provides proactive improvement recommendations backed by live data, assessing your product’s brand and reputation compared to competitors. We evaluate the effectiveness of your messaging and measure program impact to ensure that your investments are delivering the desired results.

By leveraging our performance measurement capabilities, you can be sure that you are responsibly maximizing engagement to drive your product’s success.

Support throughout the product lifecycle.

At Propensity4, we are committed to delivering data-driven insights and strategies to optimize your commercialization efforts and maximize your product’s potential.

Our insight initiatives are tailored to address specific issues at different stages of the product launch:

36 to 24 months before launch

During early launch planning phases, it is critically important to understand and communicate the future potential of an asset. By defining the total size of the market, the potential patient and HCP universe, and how those groups are likely to adopt a product, an organization can be better prepared to secure the necessary human and financial resources required to make a launch successful.

  • Market Sizing
  • Market Map
  • Market Structure
  • APLD Optimization

24 to 12 months before launch

As a brand navigates the launch planning process from 12-24 months pre-launch, it will need to address strategic questions about where and how it can compete and win. Ensuring integrated strategy and analytics will ensure the team has a clear view of the positive and negative implications of those strategic options on near term forecasts and peak year sales.

  • Patient Journey Treatment Experience
  • Quantitative & Conjoint Research
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Most Probable Forecast Modeling
  • Payer research (Qual & Quant)
  • Analog Based Omnichannel Engagement Mix
  • Sales Force Size & Structure
  • Buying Process
  • Patient Identification Modeling

12 months before launch through 12 months post launch

The 12 months leading up to and immediately post launch are critical to a brand’s market success and leveraging analytics backed decision making will ensure the team makes timely decisions.  Leveraging the most probable forecast as a baseline, the team will have the clarity to understand how the market is evolving and how to evolve execution to continue a positive launch.

  • Performance Based Tracking
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Refine Sales Force Size and Structure
  • Geographic Alignment
  • Targeting & Messaging Next Best Action Optimization
  • Forecast (calibrated)


Once a brand has established its launch trajectory, the team can shift its focus to maximizing efficiency of the brand by evolving the message and channel mix to suit the needs of the brand.  During this time, it’s critical to understand how to extend the reach of the brand to late adopters and extend the growth phase of the brand to maximize peak year sales.

  • Design Launch KPIs
  • Rx. Actual vs. Forecast
  • Call Execution
  • Brand & Competitor Drivers
  • Messaging Effectiveness (ATU)
  • Program ROI

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At Propensity4, we are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives and drive success in the pharmaceutical industry. Our solutions can benefit your organization and help you stay ahead in a competitive market.


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