Promotion Optimizer

PROPENSITY4’s Promotion Optimizer offering is a robust and flexible platform that accelerates analysis of your brand promotional plan.  Following recent industry trend of increasing attention to spend management, and the rise in available channels and opportunities for engagement, the importance of considering promotion optimization is increasing and will remain imperative to brand planning.  Our approach connects it all – we ensure application of true methodology while ensuring considerations for exogenous headwind factors and business planning requirements.

Questions We Might Use for Promotion Optimization

  1. What are the most important promotional channels?
  2. Are there other channels we have not considered?
  3. What is the right size and mix of spend and the associated ROI overall and by channel?
  4. Are there subnational opportunity advantages and how should we mobilize to them?
  5. What is required for my organization to better enable promotional measurement?

Sample Deliverables

  1. Program Specific ROI
  2. Multi-Channel Promo Mix Optimization Recommendations
  3. Geotargeting Recommendations for Regional Marketing
  4. Resource Optimization Scenarios and Recommendations
  5. ROI predictive modeling

What it is Not

It’s not replacing the role of your other partners, such as your Agency of Record.  The importance of strategic creative partners remains paramount to success.  It’s also not saying that all investments must have a proven ROI at the time of investment.  Promotion and investment decisions are complicated, and we must occasionally take risks to prove effective innovation. However, in an age with increasing pressure on investment decisions, it’s important to outline a metrics plan for the investments that are measurable, consider where ROI analysis is appropriate, and have a means by which to balance trusting your gut with analyzing your data.

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