What Makes Us PROPENSITY4 in 2019

What Makes Us PROPENSITY4 in 2019

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January 4, 2019

The start of a new year always offers a great opportunity to assess your past year and set your focus and priorities for the new one. We are so proud of what we accomplished at PROPENSITY4 over the past year, and it is giving us the motivation and inspiration to push even further in 2019. To organize that inspiration, we met as a broader team to recognize what resonated with each staff member and – like any good analyst – look for the patterns in responses that reflect our shared successes and values. Here’s what we noted:

Philanthropy – Philanthropy has always been an integral component of the vision of our founder Sese Abhulimen. However, 2018 truly marked the demonstration of those cultural values as we pushed our philanthropy further. All employees mentioned the reward of being part of something greater and the teamwork their philanthropy engenders. Employees find pride and satisfaction in helping others, but also find that these positive experiences power their everyday work as well. Notably this year, the team played a large hand in contributing to the American Diabetes Association (ADA’s) Step Out, Walk to Stop Diabetes. As one employee noted, “This event helped PROPENSITY4’s team build on our core values of teamwork and, unit cohesiveness which is a huge part of our day to day deliverable to our customers.”

Pushing the Boundaries – At PROPENSITY4, we are always proud to push the boundaries of data and analytics for our clients. As we reflected on the past year, this theme also came through in how we pushed our boundaries as a company. Many employees not only talked about personal development and growth but in being proud of how the company evolved. Notable efforts not only included the rebranding and focus on corporate strategy, but also our flagship claims analysis project that was published in the Journal of Medical Economics. As Doug Staves, our Sr. Statistician noted “We approach each challenge with an open mind for learning and growing. This is key to our success and our ability to deliver value to our clients.”

Culture – Overall, the culture of our PROPENSITY4 team is what not only serves as our backbone but which has strengthened even more over the past year. Our employees are proud of our philanthropic focus, our teamwork, our focus on high-quality outputs. Another key example is their belief in a strong internship program, and working with students in the fields of analytics, both helping them in their development and learning so much from them along the way. As one employee notes, “Each one of them (interns) brought their own unique perspective and approach to analytics. Due to our open, hands-on learning environment, each intern was exposed to a wide variety of our analytics, methodology, and reporting. We learn a lot from our interns and truly appreciate all they do.” This is just one keystone program reflective of the corporate culture.

And as Jonathan Howard notes, “Aside from volunteering and learning, what I enjoyed most at PROPENSITY4 is the culture. It is a very open and collaborative environment where everyone is trying to help each other grow. This year has gone by so fast and I cannot wait for what next year has in store for us.”

As we progress in 2019, we look forward to taking all that has helped grow our organization over the past year and elevate it even further. We look forward to new client challenges, premiering key work at congresses, continuing our internships and philanthropy, and striving to push ourselves as an organization, as this is all part of what makes our culture so great. Cheers to 2019!

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