Doug Staves

Doug Staves
Doug Staves
Decision Science Leader

Doug serves as a Senior Statistician for PROPENSITY4.  As a senior statistician, Doug executes programming and modeling methodologies to uncover insight patterns and trends that drive brand performance. A firm believer that “ideas are easy, execution is hard,” Doug is a perfectionist and as such, he sets high performance standards for himself.  He has applied this tenacity in the execution of segmentation, performance diagnostics and promotion resource optimization projects across Ulcerative Colitis, Respiratory as well as Cough and Cold markets.  Prior to joining PROPENSITY4, Doug served as an analyst with the West Chester University’s Office of Institutional Research compiling, analyzing and reporting on survey feedback instruments.  Doug also served as a Training Analyst at QVC where he was focused on developing staffing forecast models.  He recently graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Applied Statistics Program at West Chester University.


Doug is powered by the enjoyment in the practicality of dealing with real-world challenges and applying his knowledge of statistics to help proffer solutions. He also applies this model to solutions in his philanthropy with Habitat for Humanity.

PROPENSITY4 Super Powers – The unique ability to look at data and notice things that others might not.

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