Relationship Optimizer

PROPENSITY4’s Relationship Optimizer offering helps maximize your influence points with your customers.  Ideally, once you’ve identified the right customers through our Customer Optimizer offering, next would be to contact and engage the customers with the optimal channel mix and copy.  We are here to help you map your multi-channel contact plan and investment blueprint.

Questions We Might Use for Relationship Optimization

  1. How many touch points are required per year to maintain and enhance relationships with the customer?
  2. What channels do we deploy by segment?
  3. How can we best deploy customer follow-up?
  4. How do we maximize lead generation?

Deliverables You Might Expect

  1. Direct Response Customer Probability Score
  2. Multi-Channel Campaign Contact Plan
  3. Go-to-Market Recommendations
  4. E-Sample and Direct Mail Support Strategy
  5. Customer Messaging Patient Propensity Modeling

What it is not

It’s not a CRM platform or software. It’s not a selling model. The fact is a lot of different companies, specializing in different channels, use the word “relationship.”  We think of our offering as serving the overall relationship between the customer and the company.  It may use all of your channels, it may use one, but shouldn’t you be speaking to the right customers the right way?  Then you can define your investment mix and software support to do so.  If you think so, don’t neglect creating that blueprint before you create your materials and messages.

Curious about how to layout your relationship plan? Reach out. We’d love to discuss it.

Not ready?  View our Promotion Optimizer.