Integrated Smart Data Platforms

Ever feel like you have pieces of the puzzle but nothing that shows you a holistic and connected picture?

PROPENSITY4’s offerings of Customer, Performance, Promotion and Relationship is built on the principle of creating Integrated Data and Insight Platforms for our clients.  PROPENSITY4 Integrated Insight Platform involves a process that integrates disparate data assets across customer, performance, promotion and relationship using our proprietary methodology application. This results in derived insights that are connected across data, methodology and strategy for enhanced business performance.  It can be likened to a financial planner cleaning out your personal “financial junk drawer” to make sense of assets, liabilities and investments for future financial goals… So can PROPENSITY4 sieve through disparate pieces of data to build solid, integrated smart data insights that connect analysis to strategy and business performance.

Rather than conducting snap shot driven insight projects, we partner with our clients to catalyze customer purchase decisions by identifying the right customer set, estimate how these customers will potentially drive performance and model promotional stimuli required to optimize customer relationships.

Could you do all of these separately and ad hoc?  Sure.  But, do we believe you’ll be powered for success with us as your partners to make it cohesive and connected? Absolutely.

Lets talk – PROPENSITY4 can make your data integrated and performance driven!