Jonathan Howard

Jonathan Howard
Jonathan Howard
Decision Science Manager

Jonathan serves as prominent Statistician for PROPENSITY4. With a focused agenda, he has actively taken on this role producing excellent insight and outcomes for projects and performance solutions. Prior to PROPENSITY4, Jonathan worked as an analyst for Axalta Coating Systems optimizing the data collection process and analyzing consumer, supplier and internal incidents. Since Jonathan has joined PROPENSITY4, he has demonstrated consistency with analyzing data and applying mathematical and statistical procedures in conjunction with helping to forecast trends within the real-world biopharmaceutical field. He recently graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Applied Statistics Program at Villanova University.


Jonathan is powered by the challenges he encounters and willingness to learn from his mistakes. He also enjoys the outdoors where you can find him biking, hiking, and kayaking.

PROPENSITY4 Super Powers – The ability to work conscientiously with efficiency and integrity.

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