July 30, 2018

PROPENSITY4, an emerging leader in healthcare insights and analytics, relaunched this month, with a focus on its core offerings and an eye toward its growth ahead. Formerly Strategik Insight Global, the launch of PROPENSITY4 marks the company’s response to the ever-changing healthcare marketplace and the need for expertise in key insight and analysis areas.

Strategik Insight Global (SIG) launched in 2011 with the founder, Sese Abhulimen’s vision of providing a level of strategic data services missing in healthcare analytics. The company kept its diverse team and attention to insight at its core. With backgrounds across large pharma and large consulting agencies, the team brought considerable experience to their lifesciences partners, but focused on the quality of their partnerships with clients and capitalized on their flexibility as a startup organization in finding distinctive integrated solutions.

“The launch of PROPENSITY4 reflects our relentless customer focus,” says CEO Sese Abhulimen. “While we still value our diversity of talent and strategic insights, we find that our clients’ data needs often center around 4 key areas. We are seeking to drive our clients’ business forward as they look to better understand their customer data, performance insights, promotional effectiveness and relationship strength. We like to say we are ‘powering smart data’ and our value emerges when clients feel they need more transparency, experience, and customized diligence.”

The name is a representation of those 4 areas: Customer, Performance, Promotion, and Relationship. Meanwhile, the new branding reflects the fresh approach that PROPENSITY4 brings to the healthcare data and analytics arena and their pulse on emerging data needs in an ever-changing market. Yet the core of the company’s strengths continues to persevere with employees who are passionate about intelligent data, and whose passion extends to other bighearted pursuits from philanthropy to family.

“Our clients range from biotech startups to mid to large-sized pharma,” says Abhulimen, “but we continue to see a theme in needing a blend of a more hands-on team without sacrificing analytical prowess. We’re happy to be that kind of partner, and we’re excited that this relaunch will help shine a light on our perspective on client service.”

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  1. Sese Abhulimen says:

    I am excited to announce our re-launch from Strategik Insight Global to Propensity4. This relaunch highlights our 4 core areas of services across Customer, Performance, Promotion and Relationship insights, and sets the vision for what’s ahead.